Wednesday, March 22, 2017

CSI 226

These colours  are just perfect to share with you  one of my favorite photos  from our recent  trip to NZ
I went there with a bus load of  friends over 30 years ago  and I  was totally  over whelmed with this gorgeous  sight then. I hope this page describes the excitement  I experienced  as I was able to  see them again,  and especially  sharing  it with my daughter!
It had been raining but at this magical moment it stoped long enough for me to get theze photos! 

I chose to use hearts, clouds, flowers and my story was put in list form!
1. Go to NZ
2. Visit Milford Sound
3.Look for Lupins
4. See Katie's face light up!
5.Share the joy I had over 30 years ago 
6. Reminisce!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

CSI challenge 225

I chose the diamonds to feature for my evidence and teamed it with things that fly , my kids on the sky swing at Rotorua in New Zealand!
Extra evidence: glasses, wood.
My testimony was the story of flying  at 150km/hour for afew seconds!!
Always love Ems sketches as they allow a story to be told!!!


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February CSI challenge

Bright colours for February,  I think  we all need  that!
I really  enjoy using a dark  background.  It is navy but looks lighter!
Gingham fabric, ribbons, pleated some fabric under the word wonderful.
Transparent  stickers  on my title, mounted on yellow to pop.
Clouds to add to the atmosphere! A few scallops tucked under the photos  and of course the loopy string!
I decided to use speech bubbles  but also incorporated the inspiration in story.

The sketch had to be mirrored  so as to suit my photos!
February CSI challenge

Monday, January 30, 2017

Kraft plus January

Just made it to share in this months on-your-bike-january-challenge at
Holiday time and been away.
This is an original  photo,  so quality is poor but it was my first thought when I saw this challenge.  I was a little girl busy building cubby houses  with the excess  bricks from the new house we moved into in 1968. My little  tricycle looks a little overloaded!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

221 @ CSI

It's so much fun experimenting with the colour scheme Debbi gives us each challenge!

Do you want to know how we choose the colours?

I find the best hint is to choose 2 main colours that will dominate the page but particularly compliments your photo. Then add third colour using a little less of it then highlight the other 2 colours in small amounts, for example I used chocolate in a tag and "ME"

As you can see none of the colours are in these photos but that makes them stand out.
They were taken with a film camera  about 2004 and they have some light flaws but I was able to use embellishments to hide them.

Another fun idea, try to do your story using word stickers!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

CSI 220

The blue shows up brighter than in reality!!!!
It's definitely paler, never mind it looks good.
How we love cherry season Not as good this year, our winter was far too wet!!!!
It covered 2 areas of the challenge documenting something about food and the inspiration words tradition and sweet

I used heaps of older labels, found some gingham the perfect green, stitching of course keeps everything in place.

Found these old rubons and they still worked!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nov 15th CSI case file

I haved used leaves, bow, metal , bird, hearts and my testimony  is about visiting  this  local  castle called Iandra. A very unusual site in the middle of a wheat farming area in Australia .  Built in the early 1900's by an English  family that moved to here. It has a fascinating  history including becoming a home for wayward boys when it deteriorated. Its  been restored gradually  opening several times a year .  I have known about it for 40 years but it was only this year when I took my daughter and her friend  to visit ! I was overwhelmed  with the history  and restorations. Worth getting out and visting!!!!!!!!